👍🎉 First off, thanks for taking the time to contribute! 🎉👍

Playground & Issue reports

If you want to play with BootstrapVue components without any local setup just head to our Online Playground and you can interactively play and test components with a fresh Vue instance. If you want to keep your changes or make PRs reporting a component's misbehaviour you can save them to CodePen, CodeSandbox or JSFiddle and provide that link in issues.


  • Clone this repo (git clone --branch=dev)
  • Make sure you have node & yarn installed locally
  • cd bootstrap-vue
  • Run yarn install to get all dependencies installed

Work on components

If you want to hack and improve components locally, you can follow these steps:

  • Run yarn docs-dev to run a local development server
  • Head to http://localhost:3000/play
  • Now you can locally make changes to components (they are located in the components directory) Changes will be applied with webpack hot-reloading without needing to reload the page
  • Finally feel free to share your awesome hacks with others and opening a PR

Test inside your project

If you want to see your changes in your project instead of the playground:

  • Execute yarn link inside bootstrap-vue directory
  • In your project run yarn link bootstrap-vue
  • Run yarn watch inside bootstrap-vue
  • Now every time you change a component, a new production version will be built and ready on your project

Pull requests

Please ensure all pull requests are made against the dev branch on GitHub. See the Conventional Commits spec for commit and PR naming guidelines. This is very important, as the CHANGELOG is generated from these messages.


  • fix(b-modal): fixes some broken modal stuff
  • feat(b-table): add a feature to the table component

Financial contributions

We also welcome financial contributions in full transparency on our Open Collective. Anyone can file an expense. If the expense makes sense for the development of the community, it will be "merged" in the ledger of our open collective by the core contributors and the person who filed the expense will be reimbursed.

Consider asking your company to also support this open source project by becoming a sponsor.


Thank you to all the people who have already contributed to BootstrapVue!